Students had the opportunity to work with bubbles. The challenge of getting a camera to focus and create interesting compositions was fun for students. We played with blowing bubbles outside. Students also had the opportunity to use seltzer water and fruit or create their own idea of what bubbles could be. Enjoy!


Water Drops and Splashes

For this assignment, students struggled a bit with set up for the big reward of getting water drop shots. Focal point, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, water control and lighting all played a part in what kind of shots students were able to create. Here are the fruits of their labor:

Light Trails

Students experimented with a slow shutter speed and a wide aperture to create light trails. They attempted shots with both cell phones and DSLRs and used glow sticks to create interesting colors and shapes while showing the movement of light with a multi-second exposure. The dreamier and smoother the colors, the longer the shutter was open.


High Key and Low Key

Students experimented with high key and low key – how to eliminate shadows and use a bright background as well as using shadows and a black background to create dramatic photographs.


Students experimented with water, oil and food coloring as well as other objects to create abstracts that focused on colors and lines.