Finding letters

This past week’s exercise was all about seeing things differently. Students went outside with the intent of finding letters. The only rule was that students could not use letters that were parts of signs; they needed to look for shapes that formed letters. For fun, students then created collages of letters to create words.


Students spent time  playing with reflective surfaces and learning how to produce a good reflection image.


Students practiced working with aperture, depth of field, and subject position to blur the background of an image to create bokeh effects. We discussed how to place your subject closer to you than the background, how to adjust aperture, and how to use portrait mode on a phone to create bokeh. Some students also delved into editing to create the background blur they were after.

Black and White Photography

Students took a few days to learn about creating black and white images – the strong shades of true black and true white and all of the shades of gray that fall in between. We started with simple edits of previous photos then set our focus on new images. The students then chose their favorite image from the group of 15 that they submitted. Please enjoy the slideshow!

Compositional Elements

Students experimented with several compositional rules or elements in their photography for the week of February 11th. Class covered the compositional such as the rule of thirds, balance, perspective, leading lines, filling the frame, framing, rule of odds.





Intro to Photography 2021

Welcome to the Intro to Photography class of spring of 2021! We have 26 students in class this quarter and our school is currently in a block format. Our first assignment was do experiment with light – shadows, different types of light and colors of light, along with exposure times and apertures. Here is the first round of what students created:

Lego Minifigs

Last week, students had the opportunity to release their inner child and be creative with Lego mini figures. Minifig photography requires planning out the shot, lighting and posing the figures to be more realistic. Please enjoy the following images that resulted from the assignment:

Product Photography

Students took their newfound studio lighting knowledge and applied that learning to product photography. The assignment was to create images that would sell a product.






Water Droplets

Our first assignment in Advanced Photography was to capture the effects of  falling water drops. Students had to practice using a focal point as well as timing and lighting to create beautiful images of water.