Light Trails

The light trails lesson came on a day when we had no power at school…some students were on their fourth day without power at home due to an April snow that was heavy and took down trees. In an effort to continue learning and have fun, some fellow staff members donated light sticks to the class and students went to work. I am proud of them for not only their results, but their resilience in learning and having fun under less than ideal conditions.

Color Study

Last week, before the snow came and power outages happened, students completed a color study. They were to choose one color and then create 10 images that featured that color. Here are the results of the color study:

High and Low Key

Students spent the last lesson learning about high and low key. High key involves bright and airy photos with minimal shadows, designed to evoke a happy mood. Low key emphasises high contrast and shadows to evoke moodiness. Enjoy!